Sandy is awesome

This is just text. Regular old text on the page. It can be cut/paste text or typed directly into the editor. Nothing new here. Just a text block. 

This is a header block. H2 to be specific.

H3 block. Seems OK to me.

H4 Header…Look at this… Clearly too big.. We have a header style issue

“This is a pull quote block. Source your quotes folks.”

-Sandy Samuels
  • This is an unorder list block
  • This block can also be used for order lists (As in numbered lists)
  • Don’t think we use lists much

Below is s 2 column block with 2 rows. You can do up to 5 columns I believe but I suggest a max of 3 esp. if there is text associated. Can be too small to read otherwise. There can be multiple rows within the columns.

fgdffgdfgdfgdfgsdfgsdfgdsfgsdfgsdfgdsfgsdgsdg df gdfsg dfsg dfsg dfg dfg dfg dfg dfg dfgdfg dsfg dsfg sdfg dsfg dfsg fgdfs gsdf g

sdf dasf sadf sdfdsf kj kj  jkh jkh jkh j jkh jkh  jh jhjk hjkh kjh 

Text block in two Columns. Yup Supports both

Text, images, files, other media like videos can be done in blocks

Below is a Cover block. Can be used at top of article. Text can be added and it can be hyperlinked.

Who doesn’t love pasta? Check this out

This is a Gallery block.

This is a meta slider block…It picks up any slideshow you already have on the site.

Table TableTableTable
Looks OkEven on mobileRow Another row
It’s pretty basic Nothing fancy hereHope it works For you guys

Home insurance icon test copy

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