Resiliency Quiz

The Hartford Center for Mature Market Excellence
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Sleep Better with 6 Minutes of Bedtime Yoga

Dana Santas
Sometimes sleep eludes us. Maybe our brains won't shut off, or we find ourselves tossing and turning all night, unable to get comfortable. Whatever the reason for your lack of sleep, it takes a toll. Studies abound linking sleeplessness... Continue

5 Everyday Activities You Didn’t Know Were Exercise

Extra Mile Staff
The phrase, “burning calories” tends to bring (sometimes unpleasant) visions of the gym to mind, but the truth is, everything we do burns calories. If you’ve ever wondered about how many calories you burn doing your daily chores,... Continue

3 Reasons to Take a Brisk Walk

Extra Mile Staff
Regardless of whether you plan a jog or a little gym time at home or elsewhere, you have the opportunity to get moving every day. Check out these three benefits to picking up the pace the next time you’re out for a stroll. 1. Improve... Continue

How to Make Homemade Ice Packs

Extra Mile Staff
In any household, it's always a good idea to have ice packs handy. From treating aches and pains to preserving meals, it helps to have an assortment to select from. But maintaining a stash of ice packs doesn’t have to involve a trip to... Continue

Breathe In, Breathe Out: 3 Breathing Exercises

Extra Mile Staff
Ever heard the term trunk muscles? These are the muscles of the torso that control movement from your spine to your chest and abdominals. The diaphragm, one of the main trunk muscles, often goes unnoticed, even though it performs a very... Continue

3 Low-Impact Yoga Poses and Their Benefits

Extra Mile Staff
Aside from being a great way to find and maintain positivity every day,  practicing yoga has several benefits for adults ranging from flexibility to healthier bones to reduced stress. If you're new to yoga, it's best to start slowly to... Continue

Brain Teaser: British Novelists

Extra Mile Staff
Each items contains six letters of the first and last names of 19th-century British novelists. The top three are part of the first name and the bottom three are part of the last name, in order. 1. J A N S T E 2. H A R I C K 3.... Continue