How to Eat Healthy When Traveling

Marilyn McKenna
During the summer and winter travel seasons, many of us take trains, planes and automobiles in our quest to find the perfect spot for a little “R&R.” However, travel can throw a wrench into healthy habits as we’re left at the... Continue

3 Gym Class Exercises for Staying in Shape

Extra Mile Staff
Most people don’t have the fondest memories of gym class from when they were younger. There are, however, some useful tidbits that you can take from that experience. No, we’re not talking about the short shorts… We’re talking about... Continue

Signs of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Extra Mile Staff
Carbon monoxide is a highly toxic gas produced when organic matter is burned in an environment without sufficient oxygen. When inhaled, it enters the bloodstream and prevents red blood cells from carrying oxygen. Without oxygen, the cells... Continue

How Resilient Are You?

Julie Bawden-Davis
During a conversation with a friend we discussed the secret to living a successful life, and we came up with one word—resilience. Everyone has challenges and failures, but it’s those who bounce back with a determined smile on their... Continue

5 Unique Veggies to Cook This Fall

Extra Mile Staff
The season of tomatoes and corn may be at a close, but just because the weather is cooling down doesn’t mean that you have fewer fresh veggie options. Fall brings with it a bounty of in-season vegetables that make great additions to... Continue

3 Tips to Boost Resiliency

The Hartford Center for Mature Market Excellence
Resilience is the capacity to positively adjust to difficult life experiences and is particularly important during midlife when we may have to adapt to major changes. Building resilience over a lifetime is very important, and there are a... Continue

3 Snap Judgments That Will Ruin Your Weight Loss

Marilyn McKenna
Trying to live a healthy lifestyle is a challenge, even under the best circumstances. If you’re actively trying to lose weight, it’s easy to become frustrated with the glacially slow pace of progress. That frustration can give way to... Continue