6 Tips to Help You Flex Your Workout Muscle

Allie Johnson
Is working out more work than pleasure for you? Do you vow to start exercising regularly, only to toss aside your gym shoes after a few sessions? Well, you’re not alone. Becoming a regular exerciser can seem difficult. In fact, less... Continue

Is Sleep Procrastination Keeping You Up?

Heather R. Huhman
A recent study found that procrastination affects not only our daily activities, but also our sleep patterns and, as a result, our health. Scientists from Utrecht University in the Netherlands surveyed 177 men and women about their sleep... Continue

5 Wellness Trends – Debunked

Rory Germain
In the ever-changing wellness landscape, trends come and go. And some products become popular before consumers even understand what they’re buying. Do you want to know what’s worth the investment and what’s a waste of time? Here’s... Continue

7 Ways to Stay Motivated to Exercise

Louis DeNicola
For many people, regular exercise can be more of a chore than a pleasure. Maybe you're not making progress as quickly as you'd like. Or maybe, exercise just plain isn't fun anymore; daily routines can become boring, which might tempt you... Continue

6 Major Myths About Flu Season…Debunked

Allison Kade
This time of year, everyone begins to brace themselves for cold and flu season. As the days grow cooler, many people stock up on any number of remedies, both those based on conventional wisdom and science, ranging from chicken noodle soup... Continue

Hiking 101: Getting Started

Extra Mile Staff
If you’re a beginner, going for a hike may seem daunting, but don’t be fazed. Hiking isn’t meant to be fear-inducing, and is actually quite relaxing, so long as you customize your hike to fit your comfort level. Are you ready to... Continue

Biking 101: The Basics and Benefits

Extra Mile Staff
Debating whether to hop back on that old bicycle? Now’s as good a time as any! Here’s a look at the many health benefits associated with a regular bike riding regimen, as well as some perks you might not have thought of. Get healthy... Continue

Workouts for Your Fitness Personality

Marilyn McKenna
There are two concerns I typically hear from people who want to start an exercise regimen, but haven’t had success. The first is: I don’t have the time. The second is: I can’t seem to get motivated. See Also: Exercise for Mature... Continue