Container Gardening: An Easier Way to Plant

Nancy Mann Jackson
Maybe you don't have the land or the time to grow a sprawling vegetable garden. But with a container garden, you can grow a lot of food in a little space—with less work than growing vegetables in the ground. For centuries, people have... Continue

10 Don’t-Bother-Buying Kitchen Tools

Emily Guy Birken
My mother is a big part of why I am a dedicated cook. Not only did I learn to recognize the right consistency of biscuit dough and how to salvage spoiled meals under Mom's tutelage, she also made sure I understood the importance of good... Continue

10 Cheap Upgrades for a Fast Home Sale

Sarita Harbour
Whether you're planning to downsize now that the kids have moved out or you're ready to move to your ideal retirement location, a few (relatively) quick projects can help you get top dollar for your home without spending a ton of money or... Continue

Organize Your Pantry in 10 Easy Steps This Weekend

Sarita Harbour
You likely open your pantry door at least a couple of times a day to rummage around for something to eat or cook. Over time, that pantry has probably become a bit of a mess, with items stuffed haphazardly wherever there is room. Yet,... Continue

Low-Water Gardening for Dry Climates

Amanda S. Creasey
Arid and semiarid climates like those found in much of the American West exhibit three main traits: low precipitation rates, high evaporation rates, and drastic temperature changes. Typically, arid climates receive fewer than 14 inches of... Continue

10 Quick and Easy Steps to an Organized Wardrobe

Johnna Kaplan
Organizing your bedroom closet has gone from boring, household chore to hot, potentially life-changing trend over the past few years. Personal organization expert Marie Kondo and her extreme pruning process have become... Continue

Tips and Tools for Mature Gardeners

Michele Lerner
Whether you have been gardening your entire life or have recently embraced this outdoor passion, there's always more to learn about how to improve your garden and your experience while planting and harvesting. Gardening is much more than a... Continue

Best and Worst States to Sell a Home in 2017

Nancy Mann Jackson
The housing market across the country is improving. In the United States, the average home price increased 8 percent over the past year to around $280,000 and home values are expected to continue to rise. Some markets, however, are hotter... Continue