How to Winterize Your Home

Michael Kelly
Ice dams and frozen pipes are two of the most damaging disasters that can strike your home in the winter. Ice dam removal can cost up to $800, assuming it doesn't damage your home. And the average cost of water damage from frozen pipes is... Continue

A Guide to Your Neighborhood Fire Department

Alexandra Macqueen, CFP
The sight of a fire engine or emergency vehicle with its sirens blazing is a powerful symbol of a community's response to the shared risk of fire or other emergency. Fire departments are among those public institutions that have arisen... Continue

Staying Safe at Home

Michele Lerner
Home sweet home is where most people feel safest, but research shows that danger lurks even in the most innocuous of places. Injuries from accidents in the home range from minor irritations such as bruises or cuts, to broken limbs, to ...... Continue

Safe Cooking is Good Cooking

Michael Kelly
One of the fastest ways to spot an untrained cook in the kitchen isn't by quizzing their culinary knowledge. It's by inspecting their safety procedures. Typically, the safest chefs are among the best chefs, and it's no coincidence that the... Continue

7 Common Home Insurance Claims and How to Avoid Them

Sarita Harbour
While no one plans for their home to get damaged, the truth is that accidents happen. The Insurance Information Institute (III) reports that one out of every 15 U.S. homeowners insurance policyholders files a claim on their homeowners... Continue

Why Older Adults Need Renters Insurance: a Q&A

Teri Cettina
Consider the following possible mishaps that could occur in your home: You accidentally leave water running in your apartment's kitchen sink. It overflows and damages the apartment below yours. Your friend comes to visit your... Continue

Pack It Up: Get Your Emergency Gear Ready

Michele Lerner
If you live in a hurricane-prone area or have experienced a natural disaster in the past, you may already have some emergency supplies on hand that can see you through a few days without power or drinkable water. Unfortunately, emergencies... Continue

A Good Umbrella Protects You When It Rains Bad Luck

Jennie L. Phipps
Anybody can be sued, but some people may be more likely to be sued than others — like people who own homes, have savings, drive nice cars, and possess toys like boats and RVs. Having the good things in life can make you an attractive... Continue