Should You Rent a Car for Your Road Trip?

Nancy Dunham
Road trips are a great way to see the sights, but do you really want to see them from your family car? For some of us, the answer is no. You might not want to up the number on your odometer and there can be bigger issues related to comfort... Continue

Safest and Most Dangerous States for Pedestrians

Emily Guy Birken
Generally, we don't think of walking as a hazardous activity, but pedestrians are vulnerable any time foot traffic and vehicular traffic mix. Nothing underscores this point more than the fact that pedestrian fatalities are on the rise.... Continue

Cyclists: How to Share the Road Safely

Nancy Mann Jackson
If you’re a cyclist, you’ve probably had to deal with motorists who don’t want to share the road. And if you’re a motorist, you’ve probably had to deal with cyclists who don’t want to obey traffic laws. Although cyclists and... Continue

State of Driving: Nevada

Craig Guillot
From the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas to the lonely roads cutting through thousands of miles of desert, Nevada is a driver's paradise. You can cruise down The Strip to take in the sights of one of America's most famous cities. Just... Continue

State of Driving: Michigan

Emily Guy Birken
Detroit is synonymous with the U.S. auto industry—and the state of Michigan as a whole owes a great deal of its modern culture and infrastructure to the automakers who call the state home. But as much as Michiganders are justly proud of... Continue

State of Driving: Texas

Emily Guy Birken
Everything really is bigger in Texas—including the car culture. Just consider the wide open spaces of a large and geographically diverse state, where fiercely independent Texans preside behind the wheels of heavyweight cars and trucks.... Continue

How Rising Medical Costs Impact Auto Insurance Rates

Ashley Eneriz
Americans spend $3 trillion on healthcare costs each year. This reflects the costs associated with chronic and long-term care, as well as the increased costs of new medicines and medical technologies. Paying for healthcare is a huge... Continue