Driving in Fog, Dust Storms, and Sandstorms

Alexandra Macqueen, CFP
Driving risk takes many forms, and the loss of visibility poses a serious one. Impaired visibility while driving can have two meanings: Your ability to see out your car's windows and/or the ability of other drivers to see you, is... Continue

How to Avoid Vehicle Flood Damage

Nancy Mann Jackson
When you see TV newscasts from flooded areas, you'll almost always see images of vehicles half-covered with water. Flood damage is rarely expected but can be very detrimental to a vehicle. Vehicles that have been even partially submerged... Continue

Everything You Need to Know About Ride Sharing

Allie Johnson
Ride sharing sounds like it would involve carpooling to work with a coworker, hitching a ride to an event with a neighbor, or getting a lift to the store from a friend. However, it's actually more like taking a taxi. It typically... Continue

Get Your Boat Ready for Summer Sailing

Allie Johnson
Before you set off on the lake, river or ocean this season, it's crucial to make sure your boat is in ship shape for summer. Of course, you can pay a pro to prep your boat for the season, but doing all or most of the job yourself can... Continue

Keeping Your Pets Safe While Driving

Michael Kelly
According to a study by AAA and Kurgo Pet Products, although 84 percent of pet owners have driven with their pet in their car, only 16 percent have used a pet restraint. Yet proper pet safety while driving not only protects your pet—it... Continue

The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Road Trip

Michael Kelly
Road trips have become a staple part of American culture. In 2016, road trips accounted for 69 percent of all family vacations. With gas prices dropping, they’re an affordable way to enjoy sights and scenes that are a few states over... Continue

11 Cool Tips for a Comfortable Summer Drive

Michael Kelly
The hotter months can make driving a car downright uncomfortable. If you leave your car parked in the sun on an 85°F day, you might return to find that the interior cabin air temperature has climbed to 130°F after only an hour. Not... Continue