Keeping Your Elderly Car in Tip-Top Shape

Emily Guy Birken
My first car was a bright yellow 23-year-old Volkswagen Super Beetle, purchased in 1995. While I had some great reasons for purchasing this car — I could afford the $3,500 price tag, I have always loved the VW's happy silhouette, and my... Continue

State of Driving: Washington

Emily Guy Birken
From historic Route 395 curving through Spokane in the east, to the eerily beautiful views of Diablo Lake from Route 20 in the north, to the White Pass Scenic Byway winding through the forests of Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams, and Mt. Rainier... Continue

State of Driving: South Carolina

Craig Guillot
Bristling with traditional Southern culture, small towns and scenic byways, South Carolina can be a charming state for a drive. Yet, rapid growth is making some of its cities the most sprawling and fastest growing in the United States, and... Continue

State of Driving: Louisiana

Craig Guillot
Home to Bourbon Street, plantation homes, swamps, and a unique cultural melting pot, Louisiana can seem like a country unto itself. And from the historic streets of New Orleans and Natchitoches to the rural roads of Central Louisiana and... Continue

State of Driving: Kentucky

Craig Guillot
The Commonwealth of Kentucky is most known for horse racing, whiskey and tobacco. But it's also a land of natural beauty with more navigable miles of water than every other state in the union except for Alaska. Whether on the bustling... Continue

Haunted Houses & Creepy Roads

Johnna Kaplan
America is full of places—homes, hotels, roads, and even whole towns—that have a reputation for being mysterious, frightening, or just downright creepy. Some of these spots are associated with tragic events or curious legends from... Continue

11 Tips for Finding a Trustworthy Auto Mechanic

Sarita Harbour
Though many Americans depend on a safe and reliable vehicle to get around, it's also a big investment. And, while maintaining your vehicle with regular servicing and tune-ups can go a long way to extending its life, finding an auto... Continue