State of Driving: Wisconsin

Emily Guy Birken
Friendliness in Wisconsin is something you can count on, even when you are driving. The convivial residents of America's Dairy Land will not only heartily welcome you to any festival, gathering, or party with open arms and a selection of... Continue

State of Driving: Pennsylvania

Emily Guy Birken
From aggressive drivers in Philadelphia to horse drawn buggies in Amish country, the driving experience in Pennsylvania is remarkably varied. The roads themselves run the gamut from mountain-hugging curves to open roads snaking through... Continue

State of Driving: Oregon

Nancy Dunham
Those that want to best experience all the rugged beauty of Oregon need to travel by car. Sure, the bicycle culture is thriving in this avant-garde, farm-to-table abundant state. But the rural landscape puts quaint fishing towns,... Continue

State of Driving: Ohio

Emily Guy Birken
There are gorgeous routes criss-crossing the state of Ohio—roads that take you through covered bridges in picturesque country landscapes, past lighthouses dotting the shore of Lake Erie, and over forested, rolling hills bursting with... Continue

State of Driving: New Jersey

Johnna Kaplan
You could say New Jersey's identity is inseparable from its roads - after all, this is the state where people identify where they live not by town or street name, but by exit number. The highways that lead into New York City and... Continue

State of Driving: Maryland

Craig Guillot
From its quiet scenic byways to the interstates connecting Baltimore with the nation's capital, Maryland is a state made for driving. While rural areas may offer a leisurely driving experience, urban highways can test a driver's patience... Continue

State of Driving: Indiana

Craig Guillot
Home to the world's most famous auto race, the second-largest city in the Midwest, and millions of acres of farmland, Indiana can be a diverse place for drivers. From its urban freeways to rural farms, the state has a robust car culture... Continue

State of Driving: Georgia

Alexandra Macqueen, CFP
The Southern state of Georgia may present the image of a slower pace and sleepy nature, but it serves up a lot of driving variety — from cruising down the dramatic Atlantic coastline to winding through the Great Smoky Mountains. Indeed,... Continue