Starting a Vehicle Maintenance Log

Beth Tracton-Bishop, Ph.D.
One great idea to keep your car running in tip-top shape so that it keeps you as safe as possible is to create a vehicle maintenance log. Whether it's a low-tech notebook or an electronic spreadsheet, keeping an up-to-date vehicle... Continue

Exploring Community Mobility Options

Nina M. Silverstein, Ph.D.
For the most part, older drivers self-regulate, that is, they may not drive at night as much, venture out in inclement weather, drive in unfamiliar areas, or drive in rush hour traffic. Rather than self-regulate so much that not driving... Continue

10 Winter Driving Tips

Extra Mile Staff
Winter driving can be dangerous, especially in the snowier parts of the country. Follow these tips for a safer driving experience: [metaslider id=846] Following these winter driving tips can help keep you safer on the road. However,... Continue

Exercise and Driving Safety

The Hartford Center for Mature Market Excellence
Exercise is a key component of healthy aging. It offers many health benefits to your overall fitness and well-being. Simple exercises may also contribute to a more positive driving experience and help you stay safe on the road. Exercise... Continue

Vehicle Technology Video Quiz

The Hartford Center for Mature Market Excellence
In 2015 The Hartford and the MIT AgeLab conducted a multi-method research project with 302 drivers ages 50-69 to assess their likelihood to adopt current vehicle technologies. In the study, participants viewed a video about seven vehicle... Continue

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Ride?

Allison Kade
There are lots of reasons why you might consider selling your current car and getting a new one: maybe your financial situation has changed, or it's costing you too much to maintain an older car, or your lease has expired and you have to... Continue

What’s Your Crash Risk?

The Hartford Center for Mature Market Excellence
Please make sure you have answered all of the questions. If you're a driver 50+, take this short quiz* to learn more.  ... Continue

Road Trip Boredom Busters

Deb Thompson
Facing a long road trip can be daunting. Endless hours of highway can take a toll on even the most well-traveled individual. I have driven from my home state of Michigan to destinations like California, Florida and Wyoming. These trips... Continue

Finding the Right Car for Your Teen

Extra Mile Staff
Deciding whether to buy your teen driver a car is difficult, and even if you decide to do so, choosing the right car is not easy. Here are four factors to take into account when making your decisions. 1. The Car’s Safety Since teens... Continue