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Driver greener for environment

4 Tips on How to Drive Greener

Extra Mile Staff

Although the most obvious way to drive greener seems to involve purchasing an electric or hybrid vehicle, there are many steps you can take today to decrease the amount of pollution produced by your car. Check out these top tips on how to lower your car’s footprint day by day.

1. Get a tune-up

A tune-up can have a significant impact on your fuel economy. A simple check-up, whether it’s done by you or a mechanic, can go a long way for your car.

2. Drop some pounds

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, carrying an extra 100 pounds in your car could reduce your fuel economy by about one percent. Perhaps it’s time to clean out your trunk, make a trip to the storage facility and toss whatever’s back there that you didn’t even know you had. You’ll be surprised by how much lighter and quicker your car feels.

3. No more stop and go

Avoid aggressive and high-powered driving. Part of this involves anticipation—if you know you’re coming to a stop sign, allow your car to coast to a stop rather than slamming on the breaks.

4. Get some fresh air

The simple act of rolling down your windows, instead of turning on the air conditioning, can reduce your car’s carbon footprint. On days when it’s not too warm outside, open your car’s vents and take in the fresh air. You might find that you like the wind in your hair and that you don’t need to turn on the AC as often.

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