Keeping Your Neck and Back Happy When You Travel

Teri Cettina
Spending long hours in a plane, train, bus, or car can really take its toll on your body, particularly your back and neck. Sitting in one position—or in multiple, unnatural positions—for long stretches of time puts a lot of stress... Continue

Four Popular Diets: Is One Right for You?

Allie Johnson
There are so many popular diets these days that it can be difficult to sort fad from functional, especially when your best friend, relative, or neighbor swears by their fancy new way of eating. Finding a diet that helps you develop... Continue

8 Fun Sports for Baby Boomers to Stay Fit

Michele Lerner
Although studies have found that staying physically active as you age helps prevent health problems, control chronic conditions and keep you mentally agile, spending hours on the treadmill can be dull. Sure, some folks like going to... Continue

How to Make Dog Sharing Work

Sally Abrahms
My friend Ilene used to drool over my dog Isabella but vowed she’d never get one of her own. She was partially right. The stunning Springer Spaniel was mine, but three years later, when I began rushing out of state to be with my sick... Continue

10 TV Characters Who Own Their Age

Nancy Dunham
The media is infamous for its often negative portrayal of those beyond middle age. But, a number of popular television shows celebrate what it means to grow older and more comfortable in your own skin. Here are 10 TV characters who... Continue

Pickleball: The Hottest Sport for Boomers

Kelly Spors
Move over, golf and tennis. A new favorite pastime is taking off with American Boomers. A growing number of people are playing pickleball—a sport that combines tennis, badminton and ping-pong, and that is played by two to four... Continue

Hot Tips for Staying Safe in the Sun

Allie Johnson
Summer means fun in the sun, from outdoor sports to family picnics to beach vacations—and it's a bright idea to protect yourself while enjoying those rays. As great as it feels to bask in the sun, the light and heat pose both short-... Continue